COMBING BRUSH Olivia Garden Finger Brush Combo Coral - small


  • Brand: Olivia Garden
  • Product Code: ЧЕТКА ЗА РАЗРЕСВАНЕ Finger Brush Combo Coral S
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Short description
    • no pain 
    • no break 
    • massages scalp
    • perfect for detangling or styling

Tags: detangle, combo brush, olivia garden, small brush

Hair deserves its well-being moment too. Help your clients start every day in the best possible way with the perfect moment of self-care. Wellbeing is a whole-body thing, daily rituals with your hair make you feel good. The Fingerbrush makes the difference. No pain – no break: it completely changes the game!

This famous brush detangles with ease and works well with all ages and hair types so lots of customers will be interested. It’s perfect for helping your hair gets shine and healthy look as it spreads the scalps natural oils through the hair.

It will help you to detangle, take care of your hair, or create the perfect final touch to a natural wavy style.


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